My name is Phil, I’m a producer and sound engineer. Working with music on a daily basis, I had the pleasure of discovering how many beautiful things were still being written and recorded, music that was capable of moving me like when I was a kid who would lock himself in his bedroom to listen to his favorite records. So much of that music ended up nowhere, and only very few could have had the pleasure of listening to it, and that’s why I decided to start Karma Conspiracy Records, to give a voice to all those artists who deserve attention and who instead too much often they remain hidden, without their music reaching almost anyone. It all started almost for fun, I took advantage of the contacts I had earned in the last 15 years working as a sound engineer and as a musician, I used my experience as a technician and I released the first KCR record, that of my band. 

Everything went as we expected, maybe even better, I started receiving emails from bands asking me to be released, and in the end, here we are, surrounded by my trusted collaborators who believed in this path, ready to welcome you into our family.

Mario here, a longtime captain in Karma Conspiracy records family.
I’m a bass player and sound tech, I work mainly with my ears rather than my eyes!

I share a lot of things with Phil: passions, views, love for music.
My main task is scouting valid bands for Karma Conspiracy Records.
My main goal is to find collaborative, familiar people who loves his music.
This isn’t an easy job!


Hello guys! My name is Evo, I’m the engineer inside Karma Conspiracy Records family.
I’m a musician and I really do love music and big engines.
I run a web agency on daily basis, I’m an IT specialist and my main goal is to help you in promoting your music.
I will give you throughout your experience inside Karma Conspiracy Records helpful hints and tips to make your audience network grow stronger.

Nowadays making good music is essential, but it isn’t enough to emerge among hundreds of musician and bands.

It is essential to understand that to have your chance to emerge you have to trust in your product and do everything it takes to make people comprehend your art.
I’ll help you in doing it.